Tree Building

The idea and the look from our design is a tree in the city.


The idea and the look from our design is a tree in the city, because the main building material is Mass timber added with green balconies.

Positive Homes is joining a worldwide movement of green building like “Bosco Vertical" in Milano, Italy.

Off course our Treebuilding is following our Treecity concept.We are using new techniques to obtain our original design.

Fully prefabricated and finished modules are delivered on the building site, installed on a concrete podium and stacked one abocve the other like Lego’s bricks.

The anchoring system is copyrighted and allows us to build without scaffolding and without thermal bridges up to 5 stories.

On top of it we are installing solar panel to reach the Net Zero energy goal.

This example of multi-Family Buildings is composed of 68 micro units, prefabricated modular micro units (200sqft and 340sqft) including balconies.


Do you like to be cold in the winter and hot in the summer?

Do you like spending money on your energy bills?

Do you like to hear the noise outside and smoke from wildfires going into your home?

Do you like it when construction processes take no end?

By choosing Positive Homes as your future home sweet home, you choose comfort in an healthy indoor environment granting you wellbeing and satisfaction.

By choosing Positive Homes you make an active choice of low CO2 emissions and saving money during the lifetime from your house.

By choosing Positive Homes you choose high quality construction on a modular basis.

Net Zero Energy Ready


Modular CLT Buildings

Healthy Homes

Comfortable Living Enviroment


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