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We have created healthy and ecofriendly residential homes manufactured with modular components using new techniques and new building materials.
Our holistic view of healthy buildings focuses on the wellbeing of the tenants.



The ADU (Accessory dwelling units) are the smallest product of our modular buildings for energy efficent homes up to 1200sqft

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Wood House

The Wood House is our solution for an ecofriendly modular home starting at 1200sqft


Tree Building

The idea and the look from our concept is a tree in the city.


Custom House

We don’t forget customers who wants to custom their own Positve Homes with our experienced architects.




At Positive homes we are testing geopathic stress on the lot where you want to build your Positive homes.
We do so for existing home also.
We are using dowsing intruments like pendulum, dowsing rod or lecher antenna.A report from the testing is done and will be used to determine the best place where your home can be build.

"I know very well that many scientists consider dowsing as they do astrology, as a type of ancient superstition. According to my conviction, this is, however, unjustified. The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors that are unknown to us at this time." Albert Einstein



At Positive homes we are testing your lot, home or appartment to determine if Electrosmog is present.

We are using Gigahertz Solutions devices to measure your exposure on Celltower and Wifi from the neighborhood.
We are testing also magnetic fields,electrical fields and electromagnetic fields.

A report from the testing is done.
We will determine the possible protections you can add to your future Positive homes to protect you and your family.



We know than land or property acquisiton is very challenging. Positive homes can help you to find your dream land or property.

We can introduce you to our real estate network in different areas of California.

Please send us a message on our contact page and tell us what you are looking for in which area.

Sooner you start, quicker you can have your Positive homes !



Positive homes has predesigned plans for ADU’s and Single family homes.
Our energy efficient residential homes are custom manufactured with modular components using new techniques adn new building materials.
Our original designs fits on typical Los Angeles lot or more. Mass Timber is our specific building material used to build your Home.

How it works :
- Choose you predesigned  floor plan or ask for a modular custom home designed by our licensed architects
- Customize your finishes
- We precheck the feasibility on your chosen Lot or Land.

Our experienced architects can handle changes on the floor plan if needed



We know that permitting is a long and difficult process .

Positive homes works with licensed architects that will do this job for you:

- Providing full sets of plans to the city
- Managing the exchange and questions from the city.



We want to be sure that your Positive homes respects our hollistic view of  Eco friendly homes.

To do this we have chosen « Official Positive homes installer ».

These Official installers are local licensed general contractors.

We are delivering:

- Prefabricated modular mass timber elements
- Eco-Friendly and energy efficiency building system.
- High efficiency windows.
- A fresh air system that assure you an optimal indoor air quality
- Hardwired Smart home automation systems
- Low electrosmog electrical installation with our unique shielding system
- Low VOC building material
- Solar panels



We want to be sure that you receive your Positive homes according to our holistic view from healthy and Eco Friendly Homes.

To do this we have included the supervision from all the construction process in our services.

Because for Positive homes your health in not an option !


"Your health is not an option."

Laurent Heit, CEO and Founder


Do you like to be cold in the winter and hot in the summer?

Do you like spending money on your energy bills?

Do you like to hear the noise outside and smoke from wildfires going into your home?

Do you like it when construction processes take no end?

By choosing Positive Homes as your future home sweet home, you choose comfort in an healthy indoor environment granting you wellbeing and satisfaction.

By choosing Positive Homes you make an active choice of low CO2 emissions and saving money during the lifetime from your house.

By choosing Positive Homes you choose high quality construction on a modular basis.

Net Zero Energy Ready


Modular CLT Buildings

Healthy Homes

Comfortable Living Enviroment


Laurent Heit

CEO and Founder

Started by Laurent Heit in 2018, Positive homes is a Los Angeles,CA based company offering modular eco-friendly Homes, ADU’s or Multifamily building using new techniques and original designs.

Positive homes build custom manufactured modular components assembler on or off site to make your Dream Positive Homes.

We include in all our contructions the «Treecity» concept which is our holistic approach to Eco-friendly building adressing 3 keys issues :

- Environmental issues by lowering carbon emissions
- Energy issues by building Net zero energy ready
- Health issues by providing healthier environment in our buildings.

Designed for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) our modular and ecofriendly components are made out of Mass Timber (CLT) which is part of a new generation of low CO2 emissions homes.

Positive homes wants to create environment friendly and healthy building and therefore contributes to the fight against global warming.



KLH is our FSC certified manufacturer materials to create a healthy living and working environment.

Developer of innovative electrical sheaths that suppress electromagnetic fields.



Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a wood panel product made from glueing layers of solid-sawn lumber together.

Each layer of boards is orientated perpendicular to adjacent layers and glued on the wide faces of each board, usually in a symmetric way so that the outer layers have the same orientation.



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