Custom House

We don’t forget customers who wants to custom their own
Positve Homes.


We don’t forget customers who wants to custom their own Positive Homes.

Off course because your health is not an Option for Positive Homes, you will get the Treecity concept included.

- Healthy buildings
- Prefabricated modular components
- Custom manifactured
- Energy efficient ready for Net Zero
- Using new techniques
- Original designs
- Environmental friendly with Low carbon footprint.

The WH5000 model is 3 stories modular custom home designed by our partnered architect Antoine Gentner.


Here is an example of what a Custom House could look like:


WH 5000

Size : 4 887 sqft
Bedroom : 4
Full Bath : 4
½ Bath : 1
Footprint : 80’ 5" x 57’ 5"


Do you like to be cold in the winter and hot in the summer?

Do you like spending money on your energy bills?

Do you like to hear the noise outside and smoke from wildfires going into your home?

Do you like it when construction processes take no end?

By choosing Positive Homes as your future home sweet home, you choose comfort in an healthy indoor environment granting you wellbeing and satisfaction.

By choosing Positive Homes you make an active choice of low CO2 emissions and saving money during the lifetime from your house.

By choosing Positive Homes you choose high quality construction on a modular basis.

Net Zero Energy Ready


Modular CLT Buildings

Healthy Homes

Comfortable Living Enviroment


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