Started by Laurent Heit in 2018, Positive homes is a Los Angeles,CA based company offering modular eco-friendly Homes, ADU’s or Multifamily building using new techniques and original designs.

Positive homes build custom manufacture modular components for modular building. We include in all our contructions the «Treecity» concept which is our holistic approach to Eco-friendly building adressing 3 keys issues :

- Environmental issues by lowering carbon emissions
- Energy issues by building Net zero energy ready
- Health issues by providing healthier environment in our buildings

Designed for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) our modular and ecofriendly components are made out of Mass Timber (CLT) which is part of a new generation of low CO2 emissions homes. Positive homes wants to create environment friendly and healthy building and therefore contributes to the fight against global warming.


My history with America and healthy homesWord from founder of Positive homes, Laurent Heit

Originally, I am an electrical contractor in a wonderfull city called Strasbourg, France located in the center of Europe.

This place is well known for his century old tradition and Half timbered Homes. Which inspired me until now! Its been more than 10 years that I’ve been involved in creating more healthy homes.

In 2008, at 4AM in a gas station, I met a german Architect who was Electro-hypersensitive (EHS).

He explained me how bad he felt near electrical installation, cell towers or Wifi. I learned about it and helped people in my hometown to resolve this kind of issue… then the journey for the best sustainable and healthy home has begun !

I was studying how to design energy efficient house called Passive house in Germany, discovered new techniques and new building materials with CLT to lower CO2 emission and build modular.


At the same time I spend my holidays in the US and especially in California every.

After a few years holidays in the US, it became working on an holistic approach of eco-friendly homes.The more I spended time in California and in the US, more I feelt in love with this country. I was really feeling that I was belonging to California and the love story began.

Since that time I never stop looking for the best way to build the most sustainable and healthiest homes in the U.S!

Then came to life Positive homes...now it is your Story!


At Positive homes we believe that…
everyone should be able to live in an healthy and ecofriendly home.
Because for us your health is not an option, we have designed homes for you !


Do you like to be cold in the winter and hot in the summer?

Do you like spending money on your energy bills?

Do you like to hear the noise outside and smoke from wildfires going into your home?

Do you like it when construction processes take no end?

By choosing Positive Homes as your future home sweet home, you choose comfort in an healthy environment granting you wellbeing and satisfaction.

By choosing Positive Homes you make an active choice of low CO2 emissions and saving money during the lifetime from your house.

By choosing Positive Homes you choose high quality construction on a modular basis.

Net Zero Energy Ready


Modular CLT Buildings

Healthy Homes

Comfortable Living Enviroment


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