Positive Homes’ modular system is compatible with individual habitat and stand alone structures.

Individual objectives reminder:

  • Design in harmony with the volumes beneficial to the occupants
  • Optimum and very advanced realization in own site (factory)
  • Research of the shortest possible deadlines on site and of generally any measures to reduce the carbon impact.
  • The use of natural materials for, among other things, better air quality
  • Protection against electromagnetic fields and microwaves
  • Research on energy performance, within the framework of the “Passiv’ Haus” label and the ZNE (Zero Net Energy) target.

The concept of human scale must guide the designer in order to provide maximum well-being for the occupant. The volumes must be dimensioned in a pleasant way, avoiding empty spaces as well as narrowness. Going back to the “à l’antique” proportions referring to compositions based on the Golden Number can be a guarantee of “accuracy” in the rooms dimensioning.

The CLT frame

The “advanced” factory construction will benefit from the use of a solid wood frame such as CLT (Cross Laminated Timber). This bio-sourced modular construction system has outstanding technical performance, particularly in terms of load take-back, and has the qualities required by our objectives:

  • Wood is a durable, renewable and recyclable material
  • Low cost if integrated into sustainable forest management
  • Largely positive COC emission/storage balance – undeniable quality in terms of sound insulation and thermal inertia
  • Speed of implementation, dry field construction site
  • High level of prefabrication with integration of many factory finishes
  • Reduction of construction delays, reduction of waste, dust and noise pollution

External thermal insulation (ETI)

The use of “bio-sourced” materials improves carbon impact and reduces indoor air pollution.

Reduction to more than 90% of electromagnetic fields

This innovation aims at removing the spectrum of diseases or behaviours induced by electromagnetic radiation in the absence of definitive conclusions from scientists and especially from the medical community. The reduction of magnetic fields induced within the house will be achieved by a combination of bioelectricity and wireline home automation.

ZNE target (Zero Net Energy)

With the use of suitable insulation materials, high-performance energy-efficient windows and particular attention to the effects of sunshine and wind during design, the requirements for the “Passiv’ Haus” label can be achieved with minimal use of photovoltaic panels.

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