Earth911 Podcast: Talking Carbon Offsets With Cool Effect’s Blake Lawrence

Carbon emissions continue to accumulate, affecting the world’s weather patterns and accelerating climate change. Earth911 talks with Cool Effect’s Blake Lawrence about how you can offset your carbon emissions. Cool Effect is a nonprofit that seeks out the highest quality carbon reduction projects across the world and helps them sell their carbon credits to individuals, organizations, nonprofits, and anyone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint.

Cool Effect’s Blake Lawrence

We discuss a few of the organization’s projects, which include teaming with American Airlines and Twitter to offset travel emissions and helping prevent deforestation in Brazil by providing low-smoke cookstoves and building homes for families in need. One recent project reduces methane emissions and protects water supplies by converting pigs’ waste to compost for farmers.

Lawrence talks about Cool Effect’s Seller’s Pledge and their promise of transparency to their buyers with a small 9.87% management fee. Cool Effect also helps businesses offset travel emissions — by car, plane, boat, or at the hotel — by the hour with an easy-to-use calculator.

In addition to the environmental benefits Cool Effect provides, carbon offset purchases are tax-deductible. Check out Cool Effect and consider supporting their projects to reduce your carbon footprints. Visit to learn more.

This podcast was originally posted on November 18, 2020.

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