Quiz #88: Coal-fired Energy Reduction Challenge

Coal still powers 42% of U.S. electric generation capacity as of 2019, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. If you live in a coal-powered region, your electricity use contributes more CO2 emissions than regions that rely on renewable energy and hydroelectric power. Taking a few simple steps to reduce your power consumption can lead to big changes in greenhouse gas emissions — if we all pull together.

In this Earth911 Quiz, check your knowledge about how much your daily household tasks can reduce equivalent coal consumption. And if you live in an area that uses renewable energy, share this information with friends or family who rely on coal-fired electricity.

Making smart sustainable choices requires practice. Earth911’s weekly sustainability quiz helps you hone your ability to recognize earth-friendly products, services, and practices. Through your daily choices — from transportation mode to purchases to waste disposal — you can make a positive difference.

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