20 Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate the special women in your life, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could also celebrate Mother Earth in the process too? This Mother’s Day, why not treat your mother to something special while also remembering Mother Earth? There are many eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas that fit the bill — and it doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult.

If you are not sure where to begin, this list of eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas will get you started. These gifts are not only sweet and thoughtful, but are also kind to our planet. Who can ask for a better gift than that?

1. Spring bulbs

Flower bulbs make great eco-friendly Mother's Day gift

Flower bulbs make for a great eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift. Image credit: Meyke Link / Shutterstock

There are many varieties of bulbs that provide spring and summer blooms. Give some of these bulbs a try and you will not only make mom’s yard look amazing, but you can attract pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Try arranging some bulbs in a basket for a beautiful gift.

2. Mother’s Day Tree sapling

What better way to honor mom than to plant a tree in her name? Trees keep the planet cool, provide homes for animals, and help clean the air. Plant a tree in mom’s honor or give her a tree to plant herself (if she’s the DIY type). She is sure to enjoy this gift that will continue to grow year after year.

3. Reusable shopping bags

Help mom shop responsibly with reusable shopping bags. Today, you have quite a variety of colors, styles, and sizes to choose from. Mom will love taking her reusable bags with her to the farmer’s market, the health food store, or anywhere else she shops.

4. Reusable cleaning cloths

Like reusable shopping bags, a wide variety of eco-friendly reusable cleaning cloths are now available. Let’s face it, mom cleans up a ton of messes, so at least make it a little fun for her. (You can even make them yourself!) And to make the gift even better, help mom with the cleanup!

5. All-natural bath bombs

Natural bath bombs make for a great eco-friendly Mother's Day gift

Natural bath bombs make a thoughtful eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift. Image credit: VICUSCHKA / Shutterstock

There are so many wonderful varieties of bath bombs these days that are made from natural ingredients and don’t include preservatives or chemicals. Treat your mom to an assortment of natural and earth-friendly bath products that she can use to pamper herself after a long and stressful day.

6. Mother’s Day Soap nuts

Moms do a ton of laundry, right? Help make laundry time a little easier and more eco-friendly when you treat mom to natural soap nuts. These easy-to-use, eco-friendly nuts will help get her clothes and linens sparkling clean without the use of chemicals.

7. Handcrafted bird feeder

Visit a local farmer’s market or artisan shop to find mom a handcrafted bird feeder. Or make one yourself! Feeding the birds is a fun hobby but be sure to take the right precautions to keep your feathered friends safe and healthy.

8. Beneficial insect house

Attracting ladybugs and spiders to your garden and yard is a beneficial practice. A beneficial insect house looks a bit like a birdhouse but with lots of small compartments. It attracts pollinators like like mason bees, and beneficial insects like lacewings and ladybugs that help keep away pests that damage garden plants.

9. Mother’s Day Butterfly feeder

We mentioned before how important pollinators are, so why not treat mom to a butterfly feeder? You can find examples online for how to make your own. The feeders attract butterflies, which not only beautify your yard but pollinate the planet as well.

10. Gift certificates to eco-friendly businesses

It is important to patronize eco-friendly businesses in your area! Give mom a gift certificate to a local eco-friendly business so she can help support their good work. This also a great way to treat mom and let her pick out some items for herself that she might enjoy.

11. Wildflower seeds

Native wildflowers are not only beautiful, but, once established, generally require little maintenance. The native plants are important for the survival of birds and pollinators, too. And it’s fun to plant them and watch them grow. Consider giving mom some seed tape or packets of wildflower seeds so she can spread some beauty around.

12. Essential oils

Consider essential oils as an eco-friendly Mother's Day gift idea.

Consider essential oils as an eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift. Image credit: Kerdkanno / Shutterstock

Consider an eco-friendly line of essential oils for mom to use in her beauty products, her homemade cleaning products, or to diffuse for aromatherapy. There are oils to aid with all sorts of issues, so choose a variety for her to enjoy.

13. All-natural cleaners

Pair the reusable cleaning cloths mentioned above with all-natural, eco-friendly cleaners so mom can get the cleaning done without the harsh chemicals!

14. Mother’s Day Air purifying plants

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue and many varieties of ferns are perfect for purifying the air. Consider giving mom an air-purifying houseplant so she can enjoy the beauty while breathing in cleaner air at the same time.

15. Mini herb garden

Consider giving mom a mini herb garden she can grow on a patio or in a window. No time to put one together for her? Herb garden kits are a fun project that will reward your mom with fresh and healthy herbs at her fingertips.

16. Mother’s Day Bicycle

Give mom the gift of health with a new bike! This is a great way to get exercise, run errands, and, of course, reduce fuel consumption.

17. Jewelry made from recycled materials

eco-friendly Mother's Day gift

Gift mom some upcycled jewelry that is not only beautiful, but great for the planet as well. Image credit: ZoranKrstic / Shutterstock

On Etsy, you can find an assortment of jewelry that is made from recycled materials. How cool is that? Gift mom some upcycled jewelry that is not only beautiful, but reuses items that might have otherwise ended up in the landfill.

18. Compost bin

Decorate/paint a can, add a lid, and gift mom kitchen-sized compost bin for food scraps. If you know she wants something bigger, check out these compost bins you can make for her. She is sure to appreciate it when she has tons of “black gold” on hand to feed her garden plants!

19. Rain barrel

Help cut down on water usage when you give mom a rain barrel for Mother’s Day. By collecting rainwater, she can lower her water bill and use fewer resources.

20. Mother’s Day Recycled journal

Give mom a journal made from 100 percent recycled paper. This is a great way to support her creativity with an eco-friendly product.

And don’t forget the Mother’s Day card!

You can send your mom a Mother’s Day e-card — a wide selection is available online. Tree-free and no recycling needed!

What’s your favorite eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift idea? Share your ideas with the community in the Earthling Forum.

Feature image credit: Doreen Salcher / Shutterstock

Editors note: Originally published on May 4, 2016, this article was updated in May 2019.

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