Weekend Project: DIY Patio Table With Built-In Coolers

patio table

If you’ve been browsing the web for low-cost ways to liven up your backyard gatherings. Here is a fun DIY patio table project for entertaining.

Coolers Built in to a Table?

Dreamed up by crafty couple Sarah Bowes-Pope and Alex Pope of the blog Domesticated Engineer, this stunning wood patio table with built-in coolers is possibly one of the most awesome outdoor accessories we’ve seen — and it’s made entirely from scratch.

The gang enjoys built-in coolers of the beautiful wooden patio table. Photo: Sarah Bowes-Pope and Alex Pope/Domesticated Engineer

Aside from being gorgeous to look at, the table’s party-ready coolers are sure to keep guests talking. Because, as Bowes-Pope wrote on her blog, “Who really wants to get up to get another beer?”

After spotting this photo of a wine cooler patio table online, Alex Pope knew he had to have one for the family’s backyard.

Easily Converts to a Regular Table

As a mechanical engineer and self-proclaimed “crafty person,” his wife had all the skills to make it happen. She even took the concept one step further.

“I wanted to have the option of covering it when not in use so we can do full meals on it too,” Bowes-Pope explained.

Yes, you read that right. This baby is convertible! Be still our DIY-loving hearts.

Make the Table Yourself!

This project may require a weekend’s worth of work, but Bowes-Pope will help you make it happen — even if you’re not the tool-wielding type. Her tutorial includes detailed plans to help you make your own table with built-in coolers. She lists the materials you’ll need, lumber dimensions, and step-by-step instructions to guide you along the way.

Get all the details on how to make this DIY patio table with built-in coolers on Domesticated Engineer.

Do you need a little DIY inspiration? Check out this awesome GIF demonstrating how the coolers easily convert to a full wooden table top.

patio table

Courtesy of Sarah Bowes-Pope and Alex Pope/Domesticated Engineer via makeagif

Feature image courtesy of Wicker Paradise

Editor’s note: Originally published on August 2, 2013, this article was updated in April 2019.

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