How to Make Your Own Toothpaste From Scratch

Learning to make your own health and beauty products at home carries loads of benefits. You’ll save money, skip the hard-to-recycle packaging, and be able to control the ingredients your family comes in contact with during their morning routine.

If you’ve never made hygiene products yourself, the concept may sound a little intimidating. But most concoctions require only a few household ingredients. And they work just as well as your favorite brand. Check out these two simple do-it-yourself, natural toothpaste recipes to get started.

Basic Homemade Toothpaste

Difficulty Level: Easy

Homemade toothpaste

Homemade toothpaste. Image: Matt and Betsy Jabs, DIY Natural

You need only four basic ingredients and about five minutes to complete this simple yet effective DIY natural toothpaste.

Bloggers Matt and Betsy Jabs of DIY Natural say this toothpaste costs less than $1.50 for 5 ounces. That’s about a 300 percent cost savings over store-bought toothpaste. And it’s free of potentially harmful additives and ingredients.

“DIY cleaning and beauty are usually much more simple than a lot of the natural-living websites afford, which is one staple of our approach: make it simple, affordable, and effective!” the couple told us in an email.

Get step-by-step instructions for making basic toothpaste at DIY Natural.

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