15 Soothing Bedroom Plants to Help You Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of our well-being. The process is vital to both our physical and mental health — studies have shown that people who experience sleep insufficiency are at a greater risk of developing several diseases, including  obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Although getting a good night’s rest is extremely important, millions of Americans aren’t getting the sleep they need. There are a number of causes of lack of sleep, from sleep disorders and stress to the quality of the air. Luckily, there are many natural remedies for sleep deprivation, like adding a plant to your bedroom. The team over at Dromma Bed created an infographic outlining the 15 best indoor plants for sleep — like lavender, which lowers the heart rate and relaxes the mind. See all 15 bedroom plants below.

Infographic: 5 Soothing Bedroom Plants to Help You Sleep

Infographic: Dromma Bed

Do you have a plant in your bedroom? Does it help you sleep? Share your tips in the Earthling Forum.

Feature image courtesy of Adobe Stock

Originally published on November 16, 2017, this article was updated in November 2018.


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