Podcast, June 11, 2018: Sustainability in Your Ear

This week, the Earth911.com team talks about the latest in solar panel technology and the latest Nordic exercise craze, plogging. It combines jogging and picking up litter. We’ll also discuss cutting our travel carbon footprints through the reducing plastic use on airline flights and look ahead to a June race across the Pacific. The all-woman crew of Ripple Effect will try to break the human-powered best time for crossing the Pacific Ocean, straight though the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

This week’s interview is with physicist Peter Fiekowsky, founder of the Health Climate Alliance. Peter and his team have a plan to return global atmospheric carbon dioxide levels to 300 parts per million, the same environment our grandparents enjoyed — and they plan to do it in the next 22 years.

And, as always, we’ll be answering questions from Earthlings!

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